Are there costs involved with Authentication?
Yes, there is a reimbursement of expenses for research and analysis done by the Committee in support of the project of cataloguing and future publication of the General Catalogue of the works of Carmi.

How do I know what the costs are?
You find the costs in the PDF file you can download in the Certification page.

When and how do I make payment?
Payment is due in advance and the receipt must be attached to the request you will send to the Archive.

Have I to pay even if the work turn out not to be authentic?
Yes, ther reimbursement is not just for the documentation but mainly for the expenses of the research and analysis done by the Committee. This work is even more difficult and delicate when there is doubts about the authenticity.

Why can’t I just send a scan of the Application form and the Privacy release?
Because we need the original documents with your signature.

Can I send digital photos via the web?
Yes, you can send high-resolution photos via email using transfer sites like WeTransfer or MyAirBridge.  Pease remember to include your full name as the sender in the message.

Why do they have to be high-resolution files?
Because those are the parameters for both the digital archiving and for use in the future publication of the artists General Catalogue.

Why do I also have to send photographic prints?
Because one copy of the print will be returned to you with the Authentication and Archive embossment.

Why must I send 2 copies of the photographic print?
Because one is returned to you and the other remains on file with the Archives.

Why must the photos be printed on photographic paper?
Because the quality of the resolution is better and renders the colours more accurate.