Requests for authentication and archiving should be sent to the address of the Archive 

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The Eugenio Carmi Archive, in accordance with the intentions of his heirs, continues its work of organising and cataloguing the materials and works left by the artist on his death in February 2016.

The archive, in its new headquarters in Milan, is a place of study and preservation for in-depth research and knowledge of Eugenio Carmi, both as a visual artist and cultural promoter of national and international prominence, and for archiving his work.

For this purpose, it seeks to actively collaborate with public and private institutions to promote specific initiatives and cultural activities, such as exhibitions, publications, conferences and lectures about the artist and the historical context in which he lived and worked.

To protect the reputation and the art of Eugenio Carmi, the Archive also serves as a place of meeting with collectors in order to archive the Artist’s works and include them in the project for the General Catalogue of works, with issuance of the respective archive certificates.

Archiving the works

Together with its study activities, the Archive also provides owners of Eugenio Carmi’s works with an archiving service.
We therefore invite whoever owns any of his works to submit a request for archiving and/or authentication, following the procedure described below.

The documentation for each individual work submitted for archiving and cataloguing should include:

- An archiving form, completed in full and signed (Download the PDF – DOC B - see the link below).

- A privacy statement, completed and signed. (Download the PDF – DOC C - see the link below).

- The receipt of the bank transfer for the payment (For the expenses download the PDF –  see the link below)

- 1 digital colour photograph (high definition, of at least 300 dpi, in TIF or JPEG format, printing base 20 cm).

- 1 digital colour photograph of the back (high definition, of at least 300 dpi, in TIF or JPEG format, printing base 20 cm).

- One or more digital colour photographs of significant details (writing, dedications, stamps etc.) when present, whether on the front or the back of the work.

- 2 colour prints of the front of the work (format 18 x 24 cm).

- 1 colour print of the back of the work (format: 18 x 24 cm).

The photographic documentation should be produced by professional photographers, as the images will be used for the printing of the General Catalogue, and sent to:

Archivio Eugenio Carmi
c/o Carpenter - Carmi
V. Giuseppe Meda, 43
20141 Milan

A calendar with the dates on which the Commission will meet and the deadlines for submission of the necessary material for evaluation and authentication will be published in the “Certifications” section of the website Material that arrives after the session deadline will be examined in the following session.

After the necessary examination of the submitted documents, the Eugenio Carmi Archive Commission shall archive the work with a numerical code and return a single copy of the documents to the owner, certified on the back with the stamp of the Eugenio Carmi Archive.

If the submitted documentation is insufficient, or doubts are raised concerning the authenticity of the work, the Commission may request the owner to present the work for examination at the Archive’s headquarters.
If the Archive deems that the work does not meet the requirements for archiving, it shall notify the owner of its decision; if the work is considered not authentic, the Archive shall inform the relevant authorities to protect Eugenio Carmi’s reputation and art.
Any documentation sent to Archive shall not be returned.

When required, the works shall be delivered to the Archive on the day of the meeting or during the days immediately prior to it, based on agreement made by telephone.

For information concerning the reimbursement of the expenses for the Commission’s research and assessment download the PDF –  see the link below.